Today, I’ve had two quotations rejected.

Of course, not every quotation that I submit gets accepted. But in both cases, the customer says “Sorry, it’s beyond my budget“. They were comparing it to cheap laminates.

Yes, it’s more expensive than laminates, simply because bamboo flooring is in a different league altogether. Comparing the all-natural bamboo to artificial laminate floors are like comparing apples and oranges.

After all, bamboo flooring is a natural hardwood. So how does bamboo flooring compare against, say, oak or teak flooring?

Well, bamboo flooring inherently has a higher cost of production than wooden flooring. Imagine the amount of work that goes into making beautiful flooring planks from the humble bamboo pole. Then compare this to simply chopping down trees and putting the logs through the saw.

But it doesn’t cost as much as you would think.

We price our flooring competitively to encourage customers to give it a try. For example here in Singapore, the price is closely pegged to that of teak, one of the most popular tropical wood species here.

So next time you’re considering changing your floors, just give us a buzz for a quote on our eco-friendly, prefinished bamboo flooring.

You might be pleasantly surprised. 🙂