Whenever I get a customer enquiry, I would ask where they found us from. It’s the simplest and most effective way of tracking our marketing efforts.

Usually they found us from the Internet, or came across our booth at the various trade shows we do.

The other day, the customer’s answer took me by surprise.

“Oh, I found you from Home & Decor magazine. The latest issue.”

Home & Decor is one of the most established and well-respected interior design and renovation magazine in Singapore and Malaysia.

It was certainly a pleasant surprise because it has been some time since I met with the writer Sio Hui.

So I popped by the big magazine kiosk in IMM building where our office is, and bought a copy.

There’re lots of interesting snippets in the article, and introduces various recycled and renewable materials that are both funky and eco-friendly.

Star Bamboo was mentioned for our “resilient bamboo flooring and furniture fabrications”.

I would like to scan the article (at least part of it) for you, especially those international clients from outside Singapore.

So I’m dropping an email to the magazine to seek their permission first. Will update you once I hear from them. 🙂

Thanks again, Home & Decor!