I remember when Star Bamboo first started production in 2001, there were concerns over the viability of the business.

People could see that our bamboo flooring product was lovely and durable, but they wondered if eco-friendly products would do well in a market where price was often the prime consideration.

Would people be willing to spend their money on eco-friendly products?

The Cleantech Report should put these doubts to rest. There is tremendous interest and innovation in green technologies and products, evident from the increased investment in these sectors.

Some key findings from the report:

  1. Green tech IPO values increased 156%
  2. Energy holds the lion’s share of investment with air, water, waste and sustainability being mostly under-served.

Sustainability is precisely Star Bamboo’s focus.

We use highly renewable bamboo harvested from controlled bamboo forests, which allows for long-term growth. These currently under-invested areas will provide the next spurt of growth in the green industries.

The future is bright. The future is green.

(Link to additional information on Cleantech Report)