One of the most common issues we face during installation is dents on our bamboo flooring.

During a renovation or construction project, flooring is usually the last item. Ideally, most of the other works would already have been completed when we are installing the flooring, leaving perhaps some light carpentry work.

That’s the theory. Due to time constraints and unforeseen delays, job sites are usually chaotic places. One of my installer half-jokingly calls them as “war zones”.

Bamboo is very hard and durable, but it is nowhere as hard as a metal hammer. Accidents do happen.

So what can we do?

Prevention is the best cure:

  1. As much as possible, plan the installation of your bamboo flooring to take place after the major and wet works have been completed.
  2. Cordon off the area you’re work on to prevent other workers from trampling over your pristine bamboo.
  3. After installation, clean the floor of any sand and grit with and cover with floor protection. You can use foam, thick plastic sheets, or even the cardboard pieces from the floor cartons (ensure all staples are removed).
  4. For extra protection, lay large pieces of plywood on top.

OK, let’s say despite your best efforts, the dents somehow contrive to appear.

Don’t worry about it!

band-aid for your bamboo flooring

Try the following steps to remove the dents:

  1. Place a clean and wet piece of cloth on the dent.
  2. Allow some time for the moisture to soak into the bamboo flooring. The floor will absorb the moisture and swell slightly.
  3. Set your clothes iron on medium heat and place it directly above the dent. The heat will raise the dent even more.

If done properly, your dents will be noticeably less visible. The above works for dents on other wood floors as well. As bamboo has very high dimensional stability, it would require a bit of patience.

Good luck! Let me know how it works out for you. 🙂