Bamboo is a beautiful sustainable material. It’s strong, durable and extremely fast growing. Did you know that some species of bamboo have been known to grow an astonishing 1 metre in a single day?

No wonder companies have been making all sorts of products from it for years, from flooring to chopping boards and other household items.

Star Bamboo was one of the first companies to make furniture out of the bamboo material. But it’s a matter of time before other companies caught on to this.

Now, being a flooring company, our strengths are in production. Our concerns are more functional than aesthetic.

So this is one area where design companies can really take the concept and run.

Just check out the following bamboo dining table set from Brave Space Design (via Inhabitat):

Hollow bamboo dining table set

Hollow bamboo dining table

Hollow bamboo dining chair

These pieces incorporate both carbonised and natural bamboo material for a lovely contrast of colours. I love the two-tiered design, with a handy storage space between them.

This also echoes the hollow bamboo pole, which is what they’re made from. Nice touch there. 🙂

They’ve used the Vertical grain bamboo material here, so the grain might look slightly busy as compared to the Horizontal grain.

One little suggestion I have for Brave Space Design is that they could use the strand woven bamboo material instead. It is similar in look to the Vertical, but the lines are slightly curved and look more organic.

Another benefit of using strand woven bamboo is that the furniture would then be suitable for outdoor use as well, say for a BBQ in the garden.

You might wonder why I am promoting bamboo products from other companies (i.e. competitors) here.

Well, their innovative designs show off the beauty of bamboo in its full glory. If it makes more people aware of the huge potential of bamboo as a sustainable building material, then it will be a win-win situation for all in the long run.

p.s. I’m checking with them on the prices, will update you when they reply.