Hello! Thanks for dropping by.

This morning, a kind soul recommended this blog to StumbleUpon.com and we have been experiencing a flood of hits since then.

It is really astonishing to see the blog stats go crazy. I thought my eyes were bluffing me, but we were indeed getting 10 times our previous record high. It made our traffic graph look like a flat line with a sharp spike at the end.

So thanks very much, I really appreciate it. Hope you will stick around and check out the older (but still relevant) posts. Don’t forget to add our RSS feed to your favourite reader or join our email subscription. 🙂

I’ve heard others talk about the Digg effect, where a web site featured prominently on Digg.com can experience a surge in traffic. But experiencing it today really made me aware of how powerful the Internet is. In our own way, everyone has the power to influence opinions and decision.

So I’ve added Digg buttons to some of the more important (and hopefully better written) articles (such as this one), please do click on them to vote so that others may read them too.

Thanks again for your support and encouragement!