We talked about eating bamboo, now let’s look at eating with bamboo. Disposable bamboo forks, spoons, knives, plates bowls and boxes, that is.

Most of our disposable cutlery are made of plastic, imagine the amount of plastic forks and plates we used and tossed away without a moment’s thought every year.

Then these two environmentally solutions appeared around the same time. Either great minds think alike or the market is ripe for such products.

Bella Bamboo (from Singapore) is made from reconstituted bamboo that is entirely(100%) biodegradable, without any artificial additives.

Eatware (Hong Kong) is a similar product, made of 100% natural fibers from bamboo, sugar cane pulp, starch and water without any chemical additive.


(Don’t they look like plastic?)

Making them from bamboo is always a bonus, as it is such a renewable source of materials. The more important thing is that these products are highly biogradeable, needing as little as 2 weeks to completely break down into nutrients.

But before we get carried away, don’t forget they’re still disposable items and designed to be used only once. If you could use durable kitchenware, that would actually still be the best choice.

After all, is doing the dishes really such a chore?