Do you remember Eco Action Day event that I blogged about a few weeks back? Ricoh was the supporting organisation. The Eco Action Day post-action ceremony was held last Friday but unfortunately I couldn’t make it.

To my pleasant surprise, I got a phone call from Ricoh saying that we’ve won a lucky draw prize. Assuming it was some small commemorative item, I popped down over to their Heeren office on Monday.

Ms Masayo Hada, a very nice lady, greeted me there. The prize turned out to be a business colour printer (a very welcome addition to the office), along with other small goodies:

Ricoh freebies

1 colour printer, 2 folders, notepads, staplers, and LOADS of pens.

Ricoh stapleless stapler

I was most intrigued by this little gadget. At first I thought it was some sort of hole-puncher, but testing it on recycled paper yielded the following result:

stapleless stapled

ah-ha! It’s a staple-less stapler. The flap created holds pieces of paper together without the need for consumable metal staples.

It’s a clever idea but I don’t think external organisations would appreciate this as it is not as sturdy as normal staples. Would try using it in the office though. šŸ™‚

Thanks, Ricoh!