I started this Star Bamboo blog just 3 short days ago. So when this landed in my email, I couldn’t help but laugh:

Yes, I will be recording my personal thoughts about our business.

No, I am writing it myself.

I see this blog as a way to communicate directly with you – our current and future clients and partners.

So this is something that cannot be delegated away.

Thankfully I am enjoying the process so far, and will aim to have at least one new post per (working) day.

Not just on my personal thoughts about the business, but also our marketing ideas, our products, eco-trends and developments in Singapore and the world, and anything else that will help you understand our philosophy and how we tick.

After all, it’s easier to do business with someone you understand.

So if you have any suggestions or ideas on blogging topics, do let me know. 🙂